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Why You Need a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (PoA) is a crucial legal document granting someone the authority to decide on your behalf. Here are key reasons why you might need a PoA:


Health Issues: A PoA allows a trusted person to make medical and financial decisions if you become incapacitated due to illness or injury.

Travel: When traveling abroad, a PoA ensures someone can handle your affairs back home.

Age: As you age, having a PoA can safeguard your interests should you face cognitive decline.

When is the Best Time to Create a Power of Attorney?

The best time to create a Power of Attorney is now. Don’t wait until you face a health crisis or other emergencies. Planning ensures your wishes are respected and can prevent unnecessary legal complications.


Florida Power of Attorney Requirements

In Florida, a Power of Attorney must be signed by the principal (the person granting the authority) and requires the presence of two witnesses. This ensures the document’s validity and helps prevent fraud.


Types of Powers of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)


What It Covers: A DPOA remains effective even if you become mentally incapacitated. It allows your agent to manage financial affairs, pay bills, and make legal decisions on your behalf.

What It Doesn’t Cover: A DPOA does not cover health care decisions unless specified in a separate document.

Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA)


What It Covers: An MPOA allows your agent to make health care decisions if you cannot. This includes consenting to or refusing medical treatments and choosing health care providers.

What It Doesn’t Cover: An MPOA does not grant authority over your financial matters.

The End of a Power of Attorney

All Powers of Attorney end upon the principal’s death. They are tools to manage affairs during life and prevent probate and stress for your loved ones. After death, the executor of your estate takes over according to your will or state law.


Estate Planning with Rey Ethan Mobile Notary Services

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